Ayo Ayco

Web Developer

Kung Fu! Parkour! Dancing!
I can't do any of those,
But I'm fond of Apps built for the Web!

Web Development

Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, NodeJS, PHP, Python

MySQL, PostgreSQL

Jasmine, Karma, ESLint, Webpack

Speaking Engagements

ICS Week 2017
Web and GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Feb. 16, 2017
ICS Lecture Hall 3, UPLB, Los Baños

Free and Open Source
Software for Geospatial 2015
Web and Framework
Sep. 17, 2015
The K Seoul Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Asian Conference on Remote
Sensing 2015
WebGIS & Digital Earth
Oct. 22, 2015
Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Oritigas

DevCon Summit 2015
Web Development Special Track
Nov. 14, 2015
SMX Convention Center,
SM Mall of Asia

Experience and Projects

Achievements unlocked!


Frioland Realty and Development Corporation

This is the company website for Frioland Corp. - a company engaged in the business of providing a wide range of real estate services.

URL: http://friolandcorp.com/


Cloud-Based Intelligent Total Analysis System 2.0

Web app for CITAS version 2 - a platform for remote data collection, data storage, and a data analysis framework for the detection and forecasting of plant diseases. Technologies Used: NodeJS, Angular, ExpressJS, Leaflet, Highcharts

URL: http://v2.citas.ph/


Consultancy: HTML Email

This is for OXFAM in Asia, whose readers use Lotus Notes for reading their emails. The problem is, Lotus Notes may not always display HTML emails as expected.


February 102017

Innovation Flight Central

This is a submission platform where employees can share ideas or kick-start projects.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MiniOrange SAML Login, Windows Server (IIS), Windows ADFS


Anti-Tobacco Industry Toolkit

This is a project for SEATCA, a multi-sectoral alliance established to support ASEAN countries in developing and implementing effective tobacco control policies.

URL: http://tobaccointerference.org/

January 252016

Work: Software Engineer for Infor

Infor builds business cloud software for specific industries. With 15,000 employees and over 90,000 customers, Infor software is designed for progress.

URL: http://infor.com

Sometime in2015


An impact assessment tool for calculating needs of a community considering the effects of a particular hazard. Accessible in Project NOAH. This is in partnership with UNICEF.

Read: In the news...


Work: Project Manager for WebSAFE

This is in partnership with UNICEF. As project manager to the development of WebSAFE (Web-based Scenario Assessment for Emergencies), it is my task to scout for new ways to improve the risk assessment tool for our country's disaster managers.

URL: http://noah.dost.gov.ph

Sometime in2014

Project NOAH 2.0

Built with various open source technologies such as Python, Open Layers 3, Tornado Web, we used AngularJS as the framework for the web application.

URL: http://noah.dost.gov.ph

Sometime in2014

PhilGRSS Website

This is a website for Remote Sensing experts whose objective is to promote and advance the application of their field in areas such as education, industry, research, and public service for the Philippines.

URL: http://philgrss.org

July 142014

Work: IT Officer 2

As an IT Officer 2 for Project NOAH, I do research and implement web and GIS technologies, provide technical insight about web-GIS on presentations, reports, conferences, and papers, and develop or maintain the NOAH web-GIS portal

URL: About Project NOAH

Sometime in2011

UPLB DocuTrack

Did maintenance and some additional features for this Web App. This is the Document tracking system used by UPLB employees to monitor the flow of documents in UPLB

URL: http://quinine.uplb.edu.ph

Sometime in2012


This is a web-based system used by the Accounting Office at UPLB for tracking Disbursement Vouchers of UPLB constituents

Sometime in2012


This is a web application used by the UP System to audit the different Information and Communication Technologies used by UP Constituents

November 112011

Work: System Analyst

University of the Philippines Los Baños IT Center

As a System Analyst / Developer, I do the following:

  1. Develop programs to implement system design and produce software products
  2. Participate and assist in system analysis and design processes as well as testing, debugging, and deployment
  3. To perform other duties as instructed by the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development or his designated representative


Graduate: BS in Computer Science

University Of The Philippines (Los Baños)

Activities and Societies:

  1. Graphic Literature Guild
  2. Harmonya: String Ensemble of UPLB
  3. Victory LB

Sometime in2011

Implementation of Various Loop Scheduling Algorithms on Desktop Grids

A study of the performances of various loop scheduling algorithms using a trivial case of an embarrassingly parallel problem as test bed over an increasing size of desktop grids. Programs are written in C Programming using Sockets.

Sometime in2010


A Web-based Management Information System software

Sometime in2010

Knight's Tour (in Java and C)

A program that solves the ancient Knight’s Tour problem using the Backtracking Algorithm.

Sometime in2009

Rock Scissors Paper Game (in C)

Written in C programming language. Rock, Scissors, and Paper game played against the computer with a special Scoring System.

Sometime in2009

Monk Dog (in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS)

A game based on the fighting interface of the popular game called Pokémon; made for the Web with a fully presentable Graphical User Interface.

Sometime in2007

Monk Dog (in Java)

A game based on the fighting interface of the popular game called Pokémon; stand-alone game application, with a fully presentable Graphical User Interface

Sometime in2006

Monk Dog (in C)

A game based on the fighting interface of the popular game called Pokémon. Mostly text-based and equipped with a Life and a Mana bar to measure each of the fighting characters’ stats.